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A leader in her own right

When I see an opportunity that screams REVOLUTION, I embrace that opportunity and ride that wave. I am a futuristic – thank you universe!
Four years ago I was introduced to a deeper natural lifestyle through an online natural health platform. I was the SEEKER! The RESEARCHER! 

I was the Mother looking for that magic wand.  My son was in need of something that took us to that next level of empowered self-care. I was over the side effects of what we were using.  With the natural lifestyle we were already leading, what I was looking for, well it had to be bloody magnificent.
To cut a 6 mth story short 🙂  6 months after the introduction to doTERRA and 6 months of supporting my family and others in the community with some very cool tools to look after each other naturally.

I saw THE OPPORTUNITY. It smacked me in the face!

I am no fool, I am a born leader, I am a born entrepreneur – BUT a leader and entrepreneur in representing something that I BELIEVE in. No bullshit stories, no false pretenses.  2.5 years later I created a six-figure income based on the foundation of PASSION, BELIEF & COMMITTED CONSISTENCY.

I didn’t do this alone – it was a collaboration with others who walked this talk, other women and men who rose to the opportunity and see what I see.  A natural frikking revolution of CHANGE and answers many have been screaming out for (health, wellness, sleep, rest, easing, calmness, emotional support, financial freedom, connection & community) Community and connection that have been lost for so many years now that we are in a technological world. 

Women are rising in the “I am my own CEO world” and we are not to be looked down upon as history has shown us. I am a woman and I have risen to the challenge. I am a SEEKER! I am calling on YOU, the person who desires change, the powerhouse, the entrepreneur who sees opportunity, who is not scared to ride the wave to get there. A person who gives a hell of a lot about other people and someone who I can work with, someone who is up for challenges but get’s up! A little about me, in a “business” nutshell.

My strengths are:

I see opportunity, I see beyond the flag, I am a dreamer who sees visions of what could be and I cherish those visions. I intuitively fill the gaps. I see in detail what the future might hold, these details pull me forward in to moving closer to my vision and goals.

I see carvings of plans on “how to”, I create duplicable instructions and ideas, I am motivated to make decisions – I have a special perspective on the world at large. I see patterns where others simply see complexity. I see what’s around the next corner. I walk my own talk. I see opportunities.

I inject energy when needed. I am a huge celebrator in others achievements (GOSH i LOVE THAT). I find ways to bring in the fun and energy. Others may be cynical; however, I can rarely be dragged down.  My conviction is so strong that I am always excited about what lies ahead. I am positive and can be around other’s who are less than positive, however I choose the energy that drives me so I am cautious Of who I exchange my energy with – I won’t be sucked dry.

I am a believer in natural solutions. I am a believer in my company. I am a believer in myself. I am a believer in this opportunity – There’s too many walking this with me that is obviously too hard to ignore.

Work with me:




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