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How to Get Yourself Some Oils

Join as a Wholesale Wellness Advocate

Join the Tribe – online or via email. (This is in no way becoming a doTERRA Business Advocate, it is solely for customer purchasing of oils)

Ideally I’d love you to contact me first so we can discuss what you need and what wellness package would be best suited. 

You can contact me on my email or facebook page This Mothers Real or please feel free to call me or SMS and we can chat over the phone 0429 694 956. I actually like to talk to people that want to join our Tribe ( I am a real person, not a R_O_B_O_T.) I can help you decide what best serves you.

My Favourite Video that made me MORE EXCITED about doTERRA's plant medicine.

Option 1 -

Choose your starter kit.

doTERRA have created some amazing wellness packages.

See below for the different kits you can buy and get started with, there is a brief description for each one.

With all options you will receive your own online wholesale wellness account and membership with 25% off future purchases. You will get myself as a mentor, my tribe of leaders & supporters and an added extra support sponsor too.

You will be added to our wellness essential oil SECRET Facebook support page that basically runs 24/7 with real live people sharing and educating and collaborating together.

You will also be able to participate in our monthly wellness freebies as a loyalty rewards member – This is called LRP – and we will discuss that when you are ready to replace the oils you have used or when you are ready to try a new product.

It is by far the smartest way to buy oils with your membership.  It is also totally optional and you are not at all tied down to any contracts – You cancel at anytime.  But seriously, why would you!


Option 2 -

Get your creative juices flowing and create your own wellness kit!


You can invest in $35 members option and you create your own wellness package instead of choosing a pre made wellness kit (see the kits below) 

You will still get all the same benefits with this option as you would with the pre made wellness kits.  You will still be a Tribe member !!
 *Remember all your future purchases will be wholesale prices, so make sure you pay special attention to the wholesale price list, if you are printing off the price list below.

Here is how you buy as a wholesale member

Just log onto my doTERRA website by clicking JOIN ONLINE NOW below

Select – JOIN & SAVE

Choose your language & Postal Location and select Local (OTG) Order 

My Wellness Advocate Number is: 1086738

Enter your details. If choosing a pre made kit, then select the kit you desire

If choosing the $35 option to create your own package, then select  the $35 option and then select the products you want to add to your order.

If all that is too hard and you just want to fill out the membership form and email it into me, then download the Wholesale Membership form and email it back to

You just tick the kit that you want – or – tick the $35 WA option on the form if you want to create your own kit and then write the oils on the form that you want.

Please note ALL the oils you choose will be at the wholesale price.

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Start Shopping Wellness Kits!

Start today as a customer or wellness Advocate and receive your doTERRA Essential Oils at 25% off.

No Monthly Orders required – Just shop when you like!

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