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Let's dig deep and discuss how to actually use your oils!!


doterra essential oils


Cools the body down when your temperature rises. Apply 1-2 drops with a carrier oil and apply over the back of the neck and soles of feet. I like to add a drop or two to the palms of my hands to place over the head when hot, I use this to cool my kiddies down when they are feeling unwell.

Eat it – Add 1-3 drops to your Bliss Balls or favourite raw dessert. Peppermint chocolate!

Mosquito Bites – Apply to ease the heat caused by the bite of a mosquito. I use a neat little dab, followed by Lavender to soothe the itching.

Respiratory – Helps to support the respiratory system, opens up the airways in times of need.

Focus & Alert – Inhale from palms to awaken your senses. Add 1 drop to 2 drops carrier oil and apply over the back of your neck to wake you up.

doterra essential oils


Burns – Apply immediately NEAT to any burn that may happen in the kitchen, it will ease the heat and blistering.
Sunburn – A few good drops with fractionated coconut oil, a drop of peppermint and apply over body to decrease the sunburn and heat. I add REAL ALOE VERA gel to my mix for extra nature’s medicine.
Sleep – 2 drops lavender with a drop of FCO rubbed on the soles of your feet and pushed into the tip of the big toe. For extra knock out sleep add Vetiver and or Peace blend.
Add a few drops to your hands, rub together and apply over your pillow, apply behind ears too.

Bee stings / Mosquito bites – Apply with peppermint to ease the discomfort.

Dry Skin – Lavender is a great skin soother, add with oils like Frankincense and tea tree to a blend of shea butter and cacao butter with some hemp seed oil for a dry skin soother.


doterra essential oils


Frankincense is an all rounder “If in doubt, get Franky out” 
This oil has amazing health benefits. 

  • Add to all of your blends, it will help enhance your other oils.
  • Amazing for fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Smooths out skin.
  • Great for problematic skin – combine with Lavender and Tea Tree.

See for serious health issues and how Frankincense can support you on a cellular level and repair DNA. Google is your friend with Frankincense research. 1-2 drops under your tongue for supporting an inflammatory response

doterra essential oils

Tea Tree

Dry Itchy Scalp – Add a few drops to your shampoo to nourish a dry, itchy scalp.  I make up a 30ml spritzer blend with fractionated coconut oil and Tea Tree, Lavender, Oregano, Helichrysum, Frankincense and Rosemary for a deep care blend for dry itchy flaky scalp. It’s awesome!

Pimples –  Add a drop to the zit with frankincense to rid of zits.

Feet – Yucky dry flaky itchy feet, apply a few drops to a carrier oil with 1 drop oregano, 3 lavender to help rid of the dry itchiness.

Ulcers – Gargle a few drops in water with lemon and on guard, gargle, swish and spit out. Frequent use is best.


doterra essential oils


Antibiotic – A huge player in supporting us through a compromised immune system.  Not be taken or used for more than 10 days in a row. 

Food – Add ONE drop to your favourite italian dish like bolognese. Make a dressing with garlic slices, fresh oregano, one drop oregano oil, lemon juice sea salt, pour over chicken breast slices.

Antiviral/Antibacterial – It’s great one for winter!

Feet – Add to your funky feet recipes. 1-2 drops is all you need.

Warts –  Applied to warts will help remove them, make sure you apply a barrier cream around the outside of the wart area so the oil does not burn the skin.

CAUTION – Oregano is a HOT oil.  This means it will burn the skin unless it is in a carrier oil.
Never pop in water to drink, it will burn you.

doterra essential oils


Throat – Sore throats, add 1-2 drops with Onguard and tea tree and gargle throughout the day – spit out excess. Can also be applied over the throat with those oils in a carrier oil.

Runny Nose – 1 drop with 1-2 drops of carrier oil, apply over nose and nostrils and also on feet and down spine.

Cleaner – Excellent glass cleaner, add to water, vinegar and 10 drops of lemon oil, spray windows and wipe. It is also high in antiviral properties so add 10 drops lemon, 10 drops tea tree and 10 drops on guard with 600 ml water and use this to clean benches and floors.

Mood Enhancer – Smell straight from the bottle to uplift your mood, add to your diffuser.

Antioxidant and detoxifier – Many add to their water bottles, never use plastic always use glass or stainless steel. Lemon oil is known to break down petrochemicals from your body.

Eat it – Add 5 or more drops to Hummus, bliss balls you name it. It’s a yummy oil extracted straight from the peel of the lemon! Yummo!

Clean Home Smell – Add 5-8 drops each of Lemon, Tea Tree and Lavender in to a diffuser for a fresh clean home smell.


doterra essential oils

Ice Blue

Inflammation – Always add Frankincense to your blends for when you need support to ease aches and pains.

Achy Muscles & Joints – 3 drops of Frankincense, 2 Ice Blue, 2 Basil or Rosemary or Marjoram in about 5ml carrier oil.  Massage into the uncomfortable areas.  Lemongrass is also a great addition for inflammation.
Apply a few drops with a carrier oil with 3 drops Frankincense to ease sore muscles.

Veins –  I make a blend with Lemongrass, Cypress and Ice Blue and apply to my achy veins.  If you have helichrysum I would ad that too.

Exercise –   Before and after exercise, apply to the areas in need.

Massage –  Add with a carrier oil for a deep tissue massage, always add Franky!

doterra essential oils

Easy Air

Respiratory Support – This is the oil blend I was first ever introduced to. My son has been ventolin free for over 2 years now. Apply to feet , back, chest with a carrier oil when you need extra support through seasonal respiratory discomfort. Helps to open up the airways and allow more space to breathe. Add to your diffuser to help open up the airways at night time.

Sinus – Helps to clear gunky sinuses, add a drop of marjoram and digestZen. Use with a carrier oil and apply over area and in and around belly button in a clockwise motion.

Shower – Add a few drops to the base of the shower, turn hot water on and enjoy a steam inhalation to clear head tension.

Congestion/Diffuse – Add a few drops into the diffuser to help you sleep better at night when feeling congested.

Sleep/Snoring – Add a few drops with thyme and frankincense to some carrier oil and apply to feet, chest and back and apply neat big toe. Also add to diffuser.


doterra essential oils


Digestive Issues – Eases digestive discomfort. Apply a few drops with a carrier oil over abdomen in a clockwise motion. I love this one in water, it’s one of the ones I prefer to use internally because I feel the oils are gentle and soothing. 1-3 drops I use in a large glass or bottle of water, shake well and sip. It will help ease belly aches.

Car/Motion Sickness – Apply over belly for a tummy tamer and inhale to ease queasiness.

Sinus Discomfort – Apply over sinus area with marjoram and easy air and apply in belly button.

Vomit Bug – Using this oil during these tough ties with kiddies can really support your wee ones. Applying it to the belly in a clockwise motion. 1-2 drops in a little carrier oil is a safe and effective tummy tamer.

doterra essential oils

On Guard

Seasonal Threats – This is THE OIL for any family home or even just you as an adult.
We would use this oil daily especially in the winter months where seasonal threats are upon us.
It is known to build up our Immune System.

I use about 6-10 drops with Frankincense in a 10 ml carrier oil in a glass roller bottle and apply to feet and spine. Add Easy and On Guard to your diffuser to fight of viral bugs!

Mouth Ulcers – Feeling brave, add a swipe over the ulcer to numb and soothe. You can also rinse and gargle with tea tree, just add a few drops to a shot of water.

Cleaning – This oil blend is amazing for cleaning away the bugs in your home, High in antiviral and antibacterial properties. It smells amazing mixed with: Lemon, Tea Tree and On Guard, add to 600ml water and spray surfaces. Non Toxic and Safe!

Apples – Grab a glass bowl of water add 3 drops of on guard mix well add chopped up apples, soak for 5-10 minutes. This will stop the apples from going brown and taste just like Christmas.

Diffuse/Reduce Airborne Pathogens – Adding this blend to your diffuser will help to reduce airborne pathogens that may be lurking around. Add Oregano, Tea Tree, Lemon and Frankincense to your diffuser. Excellent at killing off viruses.

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