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Hormones & Reviews

Please understand these reviews below are based on personal experiences from Essential Oil users that have experienced positive results and have offered to share their results.

Everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. This information is not here to treat, cure, diagnose or treat any medical condition.  Essential oils are here to support, nourish and soothe our mind, body and soul. For further research please use pubmed sites and studies on

doTERRA have pre made wellness packages already created, this Hormone Bliss Package is a creation of Kerry Harper, therefore we add each individual essential oil/blend to your wellness membership. Additions in test in green.

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Hormone Package

This personalised Hormone Package is created for you and will be eligible for a FREE WILD ORANGE This Hormones Package INCLUDES AND NOT LIMITED TO: Wholesale membership fee of $35, + 25% off future purchases, Members Only Group, Hormonal Bliss Ladies only Private Facebook group me as a mentor and also a sponsor support, VIP secret group access, Hormonal Bliss instructions.

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Reviews on Kerry's Hormonal Bliss Blend

I was in a rut struggling to get pregnant for 12 months. I decided to give the hormonal blend a try and used it for a month morning and night and coated my body in it. Next month we were pregnant. Currently 26 weeks now. If was the only thing different in my regime so I have essential oils to thank for this beautiful bubba. I also have Kerry to thank for sharing the recipe.


I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I first heard of the Hormonal Support. But after meeting you and hearing the amazing results other women experienced I had to try it. I apply it every night after my shower and feel so calm and balanced. I suffer from PND so I am open to trying anything to get a bit of peace and serenity in my life. This beautiful blend of oils soothes my emotions and smells AMAZING. I have even started wearing it as a perfume everyday because of all the delicious aromas it creates and the calmness that washes over me. I will definitely be spreading the word about this wonderful blend...thanks again Kerry, I know I can always rely on you for advise...Xx


I've been using this since my radical hysterectomy nov 30th and have noticed how much it helps besides the fact i LOVE the smell combo .It has become part of my everyday routine..i shower and then apply this EVERY morning and evening .I take time to apply starting from my feet and up to my head ..concentrating on each section .i pay particular attention to my abdomen where my now massive scar is .while applying this blend i remind myself that i am worth something and that my tummy once grew two babies and that even though its now empty its not worthless ..scars and all and even though my reproductive system is no more i become thankful for being a "WOMAN" i find it calms me and it is an AWESOME moisturizer .I actually have it in a 500ml glass sprayer i find its easier and quicker for application every time i smell the oils in the blend i am reminded of what its for calm happy and be grateful for who i am =)


Oh this blend is amazing! A couple years ago my body went crazy, my periods were so heavy that my doctor put me on meds. My moods were all over the place, I’d completely loose the plot & snap angrily followed by loads of tears. Everything got too much. My thyroid grew an enormous cyst & my entire endocrine system was disrupted. I had to have a partial thyroidectomy with a strong chance of needing thyroxine. My thyroid levels are normal & no meds needed!! My periods were anywhere from 23 day cycles to 30 day cycles. They were painful & heavy. I do have mild endometriosis as it turns out too. I saw a specialist and she suggested a merina or have my uterus/cervix removed! I came across Kerry’s hormone video & sat there crying watching it. What I was feeling wasn’t just me, I wasn’t alone! I ordered all the oils she suggested & made up the blend & haven’t looked back. My body changed. I went from 3 days of flooding to now just 1 day. My moods are level & in control. I’m not snappy at the kids & my libido has increased 💃 and my thyroid function has remained normal! Her incredible blend is amazing, so restorative & I’m forever grateful to this natural healing option 🙌🏻


Omg Kerry I saw you in the distance at convention and I wanted to come up and tell you how much I love your hormone bliss blend but I was a bit too shy 😘 I use this blend EVERY morning along with ClaryCalm and it has changed my cycle so much! Thank you so much!


Hey Kerry I’m more then happy to share 💜 I attended kerry Harpers breakout session at an event 2 years ago (I think it was) and I cried … finally someone made sense I have suffered with Endo & PCOS for as long as I can remember never in my life have I experienced a normal cycle. After this event I raced home and made this blend and feel in love ❤️ December 2016 I felt my body was different I was on the pill also but I felt different I continued to use this blend along side clary calm & modern medicine. During diamond club I fell pregnant with my now 12 week old baby girl and I named her Harper saige as a tribute to this journey 💜


My periods were a mess. They lasted 7-10 days and showed up every 2 weeks. They were quite heavy and very painful. Not to mention the emotional roller coaster I was living... my poor family didn’t know what they were going to get. I have struggled with polycystic ovaries and endometriosis for years. I am actually down to 1/2 an ovary with very little chance to conceive again. Now, for the first time in my life, my cycle is once a month and only lasts 3-4 days! I keep forgetting I even have it, I’m not in terrible pain and haven’t taken any painkillers in over 3 months! The best part, I’m no longer a hormonal mess 💚 Thank you for sharing this wonderful blend. ✌️💚


Hormonal blend I have been using it for 5 months now along with Clary calm. I have noticed in myself that I don't get cranky or upset during my monthly cycle now. I am a much calmer person. It didn't occur to me how much it had changed me till I had a work colleague come up to me and tell me that she had noticed how much I had changed in the last few months and how relaxed I now was and she wanted to use what I was using. So I have shared a sample with her and she lives it too. I love it and use it morning and night. The blend just works perfectly and I thank you for it.


Hormone story!!! For years I’ve been pretty much bat shit crazy with the emotional roller coaster of my cycle. Sometimes I’d bleed monthly, sometimes not for six mths, sometimes for up to 3wks on end. I’d been in and out of drs, no answers. Just pcos, and more scans and blood tests. Then I came across a dr who tested at the right time in cycle and her words “are you bat shit crazy most the time? Because medically, if you committed murder, I could get you off!!! You are eostrogen dominant to the extreme”. She told me to research diet and make changes and find something that works that I’d be able to maintain. Same time as this took place, my friend just became a wellness advocate. I started using clary calm. Then onto the other oils in your blend and finally ended it with the supplements. My bloods tested even in levels and.... yurp, I was bat shit crazy!!! It’s amazing how much happier, in control and... you know what.. content!! I am content. I love my oils. Huge impact for me and my life. I’m now a wellness advocate getting started. I have only shared my story thus far with my upline. Saw your post, and simply messaged as a thank you. Not to share amongst the masses... but you. The creator of the hormone buster, bat shit crazy banisher lady!! Your posts made me search more after clary calm x


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