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Get Your Oils Paid For Each Month

If you are someone who really loves your oils and you place a 100pv LRP every month you are most likely really loving your oils and you can see the value and purpose of the many uses we get from doTERRA oils.

You may even be ‘talking’ like a crazy oily lady and telling everyone about your experiences haha, that’s what I was like for about 6 month before I started my doTERRA business actually. Well…….

Did you know you can actually get them for free, or even part of your order paid for each month?

All you need to do is share your oily love! You can do this by introducing friends and family to the oils and ask your oil mentor to help you learn how to enrol them to become a member. You will earn Firstly on the initial membership order and also the following months if they love the oils like all of us.

By sharing with around 10 people, and those 10 people love and use the oils like all of us every month and order, then you will earn commission every month and you can then call member services and ask them to use your commission to pay for your orders!

Sometimes just casually sharing like this is enough to pay for a large order and even more.

Your commission will be found right their on your DASHBOARD, so head to your back office on, pop in your ID and password, and head to the DASHBOARD tab. You will see on the left hand-side a section that says AR Balance. This is where you REAL money will sit.

You will earn 20% commission from anyone that becomes a member. (based on the PV value of each new membership) You will also earn 20% commission from them in the second month too, if they place an order the following month.

Just to give you an idea of what commission you can make from sharing with 2 friends that buy a Home Essentials Kit with a Fractionated Coconut Oil. (*You do need a 100PV LRP to earn commission)

Home Essentials Kit with a FCO = 250PV
=$50 commission for you, and it will be added to your account the following Wednesday. *Don’t forget to keep your LRP set to 100pv.

Share with 2 people that month and that is $100 for you to keep or put it towards your next order.

or save up for Christmas time x

I will say, please tell your oil mentor you are enroling a friend, so they can help you mentor them x and make sure you add them to our VIP Support groups. Remember – Our VIP Support Groups are for MEMBERS ONLY.

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