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Essential Oil Supplies

To get your oil journey on the road…… You will need: (not limited to)

Roller Bottles – 10 x 10ml

Spray Bottles – 500ml Spray bottles to detox your home. DIY Cleaning Products, seriously the supermarket products are full of nasty chemicals

Spritzer Bottle – 2-5 I like 30ml spritzers for hand sanitisers and the owie blend

Diffuser(s) (I like the Petal Diffuser from doTERRA for my living and master bedroom, kids have Blooms as they run longer)

Fractionated Coconut Oil – buy from your wholesale account or outsource, the one from woolies is thicker and greasier. I like or doTERRA’s is amazing, no smell and non greasy.

A Storage Box – HIGH LID IS A MUST!

The Emotions with Essential Oils

Pregnancy Birth and Babies - Stephanie Fritz

The Modern Essentials Book - Latest Edition

Prefer an App?

The Modern Essentials

App is only around $10​

Facebook Essential Oil Accessories

The Aussie Essential Oil Business
(Michelle Wragg) bottles, spritzers, roller tops and more

Aussie Aroma
Supplies bottles, spritzers, roller tops and more

GAIA Creations
Oil Supplies

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