Raw Wild Orange & Lime Chocolate Bark

Raw Chocolate Recipe

Hold on to your nanna knickers my friends – this chocolate recipe is going to make all your dreams come true.

1 Cup Raw Organic Cacao
1 Cup Organic Quality Coconut Oil
1/2 Cup Organic Rice Malt Syrup or Maple
10 drops doTERRA Wild Orange
8 drops doTERRA Lime
Organic Trail Mix – add last

Add all the ingredients EXCEPT NUTS together in a high speed blender and wizz until all combined.
Pour into a paper lined tray around 15cm x 25cm tray, then sprinkle all your organic trail mix over the top.
Pop in freezer and wait patiently. Once set – grab your self a cuppa and enjoy.
If you have a thermomix put your temp on 37 so it’s still classed as ‘raw’ and blend for 5 minutes.

For extra creamy chocolate, you can wizz up some cashews into a fine cashew meal and add that to the mix, or 100g of Almond Butter.
You can also substitute the coconut oil for 180g-200g cacao butter.

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