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To book in your Essential Oil workshop send me an email
or send me a message on facebook at This Mother’s Real.

To qualify for a FREE workshop you must not already be working along side another doTERRA member.

If you are unsure, just flip us a message.

What happens at a workshop?

At my intro classes I teach but not limited to:

  • I will discuss the top 10 essential oils that I think every one needs. 

  • Essential oils for sleep, moods and hormones.

  • Essential oils for the immune system and nature’s antibiotic.

  • Cleaning and detoxing your home.

  • I will teach you how to use them and show you little demonstrations on how simple it can be.

  • There is Q & A and I will also make you my signature hormonal blend – It smells amazingly delicious!

  • I will also follow up with you once you get your own oils too – It’s really my protocol to make sure you know how to use them safely and effectively and we can use this time as a wellness makeover too  

  • Feel empowered to be the carer and nurturer of your own home life. For yourself, your partner and your kids, family and friends.

  • Contact me to book your own workshop or we can arrange a phone consultation too.

doterra wellness advocate

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